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Day 1 – 21 sept

Day 2 – 22 sept

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People at work

Executive Roundtable Discussion
By invite only

*For senior HR leaders*Admittance is at the discretion of ADP 

Day 3 – 23 sept

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Driving Business Outcomes
Through Skills-First Learning

Executive Roundtable Discussion
By invite only

*For senior HR leaders*Admittance is at the discretion of Coursera

main Conference

Day 1 – 21 sept

1 - josh-01

[Keynote Session] Prepare for the New Paradigm of talent management

Josh Bersin
Global Industry Analyst
CEO Of The Josh Bersin Company

The business world is rapidly moving from the old style of “talent management” with its 9-box grids, HIPO lists, and manager-dictated career progressions to a “talent intelligence model” in which employees match themselves up to opportunities based on skills, demands, and needs.

Business agility depends on a talent model in which people can quickly move into new roles and adapt to new, changing business needs. These changes are not “managed” by managers – they’re created by the marketplace at frightening speed.

In his presentation, Josh Bersin will discuss this new paradigm and what it means to employees and managers. He’ll also review the technology solutions and innovations that are making internal talent marketplaces a reality in forward-thinking companies.


2 - amer-01

Mastering The Art Of Change From Within – Unlocking New Capabilities From Your Internal Teams

Amer Iqbal
APAC Head of Digital Transformation

What do Balinese coffee, Japanese martial arts, and Covid-19 have in common?

Let’s face it: a global pandemic is a strange environment for business as usual. According to Satya Nadella, we saw 2 years of digital transformation in 2 months. Something strange is brewing. Unprecedented times certainly call for unprecedented measures, but is there some common wisdom available to help the business world wake up and smell the coffee?

One of the most common ways that corporates innovate is through internal upskilling programs, but many of these efforts fall short: armies of newly agile certified employees flock back to their desk only to discover everything around them stayed the same. This session reveals some of the secrets that global tech companies have used to drive innovation behaviour, providing a simple framework for internal change that has been successfully adopted by incumbents in traditional industries.

3 - coursera-01

Driving Business Outcomes Through Skills-First Learning

Eklavya Bhave
Regional Director – APAC and Japan

We are no strangers to the shifts in business and the corresponding talent requirements. Changing work patterns, business models and reliance on digital technologies require organisations to upskill their employees with future-age competencies swiftly. We are seeing an evolution of enterprise learning with organizations taking a skills-first approach to build critical skills for critical roles. Join this session to see how organisations can successfully implement this new model of workplace learning.

4 - tanvi-01

[Panel Discussion] From Survive To Thrive: How HR Can Sustain Their Leadership Voice And Boardroom Status Beyond The Pandemic


Dr Tanvi Gautam
HR Influencer, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author &
Transformational Leadership Expert


Datuk Nora A Manaf
Group Chief Human Capital Officer

Kim Nguyen
Head of HR, Tech APAC, Asia Pacific

As organisations move out of survival mode to contemplate what’s next, HR remains at the nexus of these conversations, shifting the focus to align overall corporate initiatives and objectives rather than just do HR for the sake of HR anymore.  In this session, you will discover how can HR leaders can sustain their leadership voice, be the driver in the middle of what an organization needs to do from the growth and strategy perspective, speak the language of your CEO and most importantly gather insights on how to demonstrate and sustain the value that HR can offer beyond the pandemic. 

12.50 – 1.50pm
Lunch Break

7 - kevin-01

Global Study: Workforce Readiness In The Next Era Of Work

Kevin Martin
Chief Research Officer
Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)

The pandemic exposed the importance of an organization’s ability to pivot quickly and embrace change. Essential to both is a workforce with the skills and capabilities at the moment of need, and organizational systems and processes that ensure a ready-now workforce whenever and wherever its needed. This is “workforce readiness” at its core.

Together, HRM Asia and research firm Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) have conducted a global study that explored workforce readiness and how organizations are planning to identify, attract, develop, and deploy talent post-pandemic.  Join i4cp’s chief research officer Kevin Martin for an exclusive, early look at what we’ve found.

8 - lauren-01

How To Build And Mature Your EX Programs For A Changing World Of Work

Lauren Huntington
EX Solution Strategist

After 18 months of disruption, many organisations are confronting the question of exactly what their employee experience needs to look like for a post-pandemic world. It means there is a significant need to refine and enhance employee experience programs to meet the rapidly evolving and diverse needs of employees.

Join this session to understand how you can devise a roadmap for building and maturing the EX-programs that help in improving employee engagement, experience, and productivity, including:

  • The different stages of EX Maturity and how to elevate your program to the next level
  • What competencies HR professionals need to develop and prioritise
  • How to use employee feedback to create new work experiences that enhance productivity, innovation, and growth in the new world of work

9 - lucy-01

[Keynote Session] Building and Leading HR Teams That Are Relevant in A Disrupted World

Lucy Adams
Disruptive HR

As a result of this session, you will understand how to:

  • switch your focus from transactional HR
  • build a consumer-grade experience for employees on a limited budget
  • work at pace and with agility
  • create a new relationship with leaders
  • build the right skills and mindsets for your future HR team

29 - Matthew-01

Dayforce – Intelligence at work

Matthew Kane
Director, Solutions Consulting

The world has changed, and it’s going to keep changing, with workforce models evolving to respond to new workplace realities. Discover how, with a single Human Capital Management application, you can gain accuracy, agility and visibility across workforce management, time, attendance, and payroll processing. In this session, you’ll learn how modern HCM technology is transforming the way people work and see a demonstration of the award-winning Dayforce platform in action.

30 - jacq-01

Recognition in the flow of work

Jacq Lin-Ariel
Customer Success Manager

For most organisations, recognition does not happen organically in the flow of work. In this session, we will showcase how the Achievers Experience Platform streamlines it for employees to recognise and be recognised – connecting the dots regardless of the diverse types of tech stack utilized.

31 - ammara-01

Unpacking Top Employers Institute Survey Results To Drive Actionable Insights

Ammara Naeem
Head of Client Success
Top Employers Institute

Ammara Naeem
Analytics Consultant
Top Employers Institute

The demo will explore Top Employers’ results dashboard. It will focus on how the wealth of data derived from Top Employers’ survey can be used to identify an organisation’s strengths and areas of growth to inform its people strategies and priorities.

32 - gp-01

Your Remote Hiring on One Global Employment Platform

Our global employment platform enables companies to choose a new country to expand into, generate a locally compliant employment contract, and issue payroll and benefits: all in one place. Join our platform demo where we will showcase key features. Our expansion experts will guide you through these product features:

  • Frictionless customer onboarding
  • Automated payroll setup
  • Regulatory HR compliance
  • Self-service global expansion

31 - clarissa-01

Support Measures In Response To COVID-19 For Businesses

Clarissa Pang
Manager, Corporate Marketing and Communications Division

As your manpower and business needs change with the economic climate, Workforce Singapore (WSG) will be there to walk your business journey with you. Join us and learn about the various SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package and WSG programmes available.

End of Conference Day 1

Day 2 – 22 sept

10 - lars-01

[Keynote Session] HR Redefined: What Does Next Generation HR Look Like?

Lars Schmidt
Founder of Amplify

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The foundational components of modern HR from people analytics to inclusion
  • How the role of the CHRO is evolving
  • Why flexibility is the path forward from the pandemic

11 - katie burke-01

The Future of Leadership Is Human – How To Develop Successful People Leaders

Katie Burke
Chief People Officer

Between adjusting to remote work, caregiving, and heart-breaking headlines about racial injustices and COVID-19 around the world, 2020 caused many to reconsider what we expect in leaders and what we value most as employees.

Companies who want to win in the future of work will need to require a new kind of leadership – one that is authentically more human, is rooted in empathy and connections, and focuses on inspiring and enabling people to do their best work. In this session, HubSpot’s Chief People Officer will cover: 

  • Why a shift to human-centric leadership is critical for the future of work 
  • How remote work can support diversity and inclusion
  • How to scale development and learning for HR professionals

13 - nela-01

Onsite, Remote Or Hybrid: Employee Sentiments On The Workplace

Nela Richardson
Chief Economist

Nela will share the ADP Research Institute’s latest intriguing research findings on remote and on-site workers and how those experiences vary by industry in the new post-pandemic world of work. She’ll discuss how companies and managers have a wide range of considerations on what makes sense for their organisations and the analysis of the employee perspectives for the return to on-site work post-COVID era including:

  • Redefining expectations of on-site work within a more social work life and better work boundaries
  • Whether working on-site sets employees up for job success and professional growth
  • Address whether returning to the office will bring a change in team dynamics and less agility
  • Whether hybrid work can ease the transition from the pandemic work environment

14 - rachele-01

[Panel Discussion] Gen Z Will Revolutionise The Workplace: Are Your Leaders Ready?


Rachele Focardi
Global Thought Leader, Author and Founder of XYZ@Work


Yvonne Teo
Vice President Human Resources Asia Pacific

Natalia Navin
Chief Human Resources Officer

Gen Z employees are transforming the workplace. They are the first fully digital generation and because of their high-tech and hyper-connected upbringing, they will bring a new set of behaviours and expectations into the workplace. In this discussion, you will discover important changes organisations need to recognise, create, and consider, to stay ahead and develop the best and brightest of this newest generation. Join this session and also understand what makes this generation tick if you want to attract, hire, and retain

14 - 1 - Stephen-01

Selecting The Right HR Platform For 2022 And Beyond

Stephen Roche
Cloud Services Solutions, Inc.

Most companies wind up selecting the wrong HR solution for their company. Spending a lot of time and money. Come to our presentation and find out how to select the best package for your company needs.

15 - rob-01

Powering The Future Of Work

Rob Squires
VP Regional Head of Sales, Asia & Japan

In the corporate world today, the workforce needs are constantly changing. The pandemic further accelerated this change, causing a workplace trend of overworked employees wanting to change their jobs within this year. Retaining and recruiting talent becomes a challenge for organisations as the war for talent begins to heat up. It comes down to understanding what employees and job seekers want and need.

According to Ceridian’s 2021 Executive Survey, 72% of executives see employee experience as a high priority or essential. However, only 24% strongly agree that their companies are agile in addressing issues and there are gaps between employers’ priorities and what matters most to their people.

Join this session and hear from Rob Squires, the VP Regional Head of Sales, Asia & Japan, at Ceridian on how HR leaders can approach digital transformation strategically to help organisations become agile and future-ready to win in the war for talent and achieve business success by creating a strong employee experience.

12.40 – 1.40pm
Lunch Break

16 - emmie-01

Powerful Employee Recognition Strategies To Maximise ROI

Emma Harvie
Head of Client Services Team
Achievers APAC

HR leaders and company executives are well aware of the benefits of employee recognition: stronger employee engagement, retention, and productivity to name a few. Research suggests that 90% of companies have some kind of recognition program yet 1 in 3 employees report they don’t feel recognised.

According to a recent Achievers research- managers are off the mark by 2x when it comes to understanding if their staff feel recognised. Managers estimate only 13%, while actually 30% of staff don’t feel recognised in Singapore. A big miss for managers and one that could prove costly!

In this session, Emma Harvie will share best practice strategies on how you can shift the needle on your recognition program to deliver frequent recognition for your employees and deliver on your organisation’s objectives.

• Understand why high frequency is key to your employee recognition program’s success
• Leveraging social recognition to create meaningful relationships
• Rethinking recognition to truly move the dial on engagement and culture

17 - ben-01

EX 4.0: The New World Of Employee Experience Has Arrived

Ben Whitter
HEX Organization & Author
Human Experience at Work

As a business topic, employee experience continues its unstoppable rise to positively transform businesses and HR functions worldwide. EX remains a top priority for leaders and has broken through into mainstream management thinking, but what’s next for employee experience and how can EX deliver real value in 2022? Drawing on an intense period of global research, this session will help you to consider the most important areas to focus on within the employee experience and detail how the world’s best EX leaders are building elite teams with the right mindset, capabilities, and skills for human-centred business success

28 - marsh-01

Mercer Marsh Benefits – Top 10 People-Related Risks In Asia: HR Versus Risk Manager

Mercer Marsh Benefits – According to a recent Microsoft report, 40% of the global workforce and 49% of Singapore workers are considering leaving their employer in 2021. People risk is a growing concern for organizations in Asia and it has never been more urgent to tackle these risks than it is today. The Mercer Marsh Benefits’ new research examines 25 of the most pertinent threats to employers in Asia today to help stakeholders identify, understand, and prioritize which risks can be addressed through employee benefits plans, health insurance and other initiatives to minimize the impact to their organization.

Join Joan Collar, Asia and Pacific Regional Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits, as she reveals the top ten risks businesses in Asia should look out for, how Asia compares to the rest of the world, blind spots around critical risks and insights on how HR, Risk and the C-Suite can work closer together to manage and motivate the workforce.

18 - charles-01-01

From Local Hires To Global Workforce: The War For Talent In 2022

Charles H. Ferguson
General Manager of Asia Pacific
Globalization Partners

Companies must continue to reinvent themselves to stay afloat and resilient, now and well into 2022 and beyond. What began as a chaotic adaptation to a new reality of remote work became a clear opportunity for businesses to grow their teams with top talent from anywhere in the world. But the global war for talent has made procuring qualified professionals challenging. According to Forbes, the power has shifted from organizations to their professionals — employees can now dictate where and how they want to work.

Employees now want increased work-life balance, flexibility, and the option to work from anywhere, which spurred major companies like Reddit and Zillow to abandon location-based salaries altogether. An aging population, a growing skills gap, and talent shortage further pits companies and nations against each other as they desperately try to win over a limited pool of professionals.

Join Globalization Partner’s Charles Ferguson, General Manager of Asia, as he shares:  

  • Challenges organizations will face in the war for talent and how to remain agile
  • How a remote talent acquisition strategy can win over talent and accelerate business growth
  • How Globalization Partners’ full stack global employment platform guarantees compliant hiring anywhere in the world

19 - jon-01

[Keynote Session] Unlocking A People Centric Approach To Employee Experience For Optimum Business Performance

Jon Ingham
Strategic HR Academy

The shift to employee experience has been a hugely positive one for a variety of reasons. However, it is still only a dim reflection of the changes we still need to make. People do not come to work for the experience of work. If we really want to break with the perpetual low levels of engagement around the world, we have to help people with their real objectives for their employment, which may have nothing to do with our own business goals. Moving to this truly people-centric approach will not be easy, but there are things we can start doing now. Attend this session to learn about:

  • understanding people’s real motivations for coming to work
  • engaging business leaders in supporting this approach
  • avoiding calculating return on investment, and what to do instead

20-1 - stephanie-01

Support For HR Digitisation And Transformation

Stephanie Sng
Manager, Creative & Professional Services Division

Technology is disrupting the current state of HR. In a 2020 Willis Towers Watson study commissioned by IHRP and MOM, it was revealed that 90% of HR jobs will be impacted in the next three to five years. With the proliferation of technology adoption, HR functions are increasingly automated. HR roles need to be redesigned and reskilled to deliver higher value-add to organisations. How can organisations implement a successful and seamless HR technology strategy? Job redesign and change management could be the key.

Workforce Singapore (WSG) will be sharing the HR Tech Transformation Programme (HRTTP) and the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Professional Executives, HR Track. These two programmes aim to build a pipeline of HR talent and uplift the HR sector, in areas of HR technology adoption so that HR can shift towards a more strategic role. WSG will also be sharing the Design Thinking Business Transformation Programme. Through this programme, HRs will learn to use Design Thinking methodology to empathise employees’ needs, set effective HR policies and build a strong employee experience.

Join us to find out how to benefit from these programmes

29 - Mathew ward-01

Data-Driven Software For Blue-Collar Workforce Productivity

Mathew Ward
CEO and Founder

In an age of abundant data, how do businesses that manage a large shift-based workforce leverage the right data? How does data integration improve workforce productivity? See how Workmate’s intelligent tools help businesses make smarter hiring decisions, and capture accurate, unified, and insightful data for a better, stronger workforce.

End of Conference Day 2

Day 3 – 23 sept

20 - susan-01

AI Powered Recruitment: Efficient Strategies To Make Hiring More Human

Susan Cheong
Managing Director & Head, Talent Acquisition Group, Group Human Resources
DBS Bank

The rise of AI in recruiting raises a provocative question for talent acquisition professionals: What is the role of humans in hiring? Recruiting will become a symbiosis of human and machine, complementing each other’s strengths. As AI takes over more manual tasks, some functions of a recruiter’s role may disappear. However, new, higher-value, more fulfilling human roles will also emerge. In this session, you will discover and learn:

• how to make hiring more human
• the importance to stay ahead of the game by learning, experimenting, and adapting to emerging technologies
• tips to continue delivering on a positive candidate experience

21 - drew-01

Want To Reduce Attrition And Nurture Talent? Why L&D Should Be A Key Focus Of Your Ex-Strategy

Drew Fernandez
Global Chief People Officer
Coca-Cola Bottling Investments Group
The Coca-Cola Company

Employee experience encompasses everything from the time candidates are recruited until the day they leave the company. One of the most important elements in an effective employee experience strategy is providing opportunities for employee learning and development (L&D). L&D not only represents an investment into existing talent to meet the current business needs of the organization, but also in building a pipeline for talent, that the organization will need in the future. This session will examine:

  • the major impacts that effective L&D programs have on employees and their experience including reducing attrition.
  • how to make L&D a central focus of the employee experience framework
  • what are the essential components of a successful L&D strategy?

23 - jacely-01

[Panel Discussion] From Wellness to Wellbeing: The Next Evolution in Employee Health for 2022


Fleur Tonies
Aberkyn Senior Leader
McKinsey & Company


Vandna Dawar Ramchandani
Regional Head of Corporate Philanthropy Asia Pacific


Jacely Voon
Chief of People Officer, People, Culture & CSR
FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore

Wellness and wellbeing have been on the radar screen for a long time, however, employers are said to be only “scratching the surface” when it comes to progression. But after the beginning of the pandemic, leaders and companies must think of new ways and implement expanded and creative solutions to support wellbeing.

Today, leaders are expected to have tabs on their employees’ lives, morale, and wellness almost as much as their ongoing tasks. This evolution corroborates a trend that many of us already held true: employee wellness and overall performance go hand-in-hand. With that said, many questions remain. In this session we will analyse:

• Where are we today? What trends will remain or change?
• Why CSR is the missing piece of holistic employee wellness?
• How can companies further invest in their employees?

12.10 – 1.10pm
Lunch Break

24 - mat -bhavani-01

Tools For Building A Winning Frontline Workforce

Mathew Ward
CEO and Founder

Bhavani Shankar Mishra
Regional Director, Logistics (APAC)

While many white-collar jobs quickly pivoted to remote or hybrid work since the pandemic, the frontline workforce emerged as a key pillar of resilience, offering vital lifelines to global supply chains and consumer demands. HR plays a critical role in sustaining a strong workforce to keep operations running. As logistics, manufacturing, and service industries recognise the need for ongoing agile operations to stay resilient during the crisis and beyond, many companies are accelerating the adoption of digital tools to automate and drive efficiencies in recruitment, retention, and workforce productivity.

This fireside chat will examine:

  • The key challenges to hiring quality workers at scale
  • Strategies to hire and retain workers when managing a large shift-based workforce
  • Opportunities for tech-enablement in recruitment and operational excellence

25 - stacey 2-01

[Exclusive Research] Global Insights Into Emerging Trends On HR And Workforce Planning Technology

Stacey Harris
Chief Research Officer
Sapient Insights Group

Achieving sustainable business and organizational outcomes, requires a well aligned, incentivized, and engaged workforce. The tools and technology we use to connect with our workforce matters, and how we implement complex HR Technology has a major impact on what we can achieve.

Join Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer for Sapient Insights Group and Author of “Introduction to HR Technologies, Understand How to Use Technology to Improve Performance and Processes” as she shares the most recent global research data on how organizations leveraged talent, technology, and culture to overcome the challenges of the last year and achieve sustainable long-term growth against the odds. We’ll share key findings and data from Sapient Insights Annual HR Systems Survey, including a global view of HR Technology adoption, usage, and proven practices for achieving outcomes.

26 - top employers-01

Holistic Well-Being: Presenting The Challenges And Opportunities For APAC’s Employers

Adrian Seligman
Chief Commercial Officer
Top Employers Institute

Ammara Naeem
Head of Client Success
Top Employers Institute

Among our certified Top Employers worldwide, Asia-Pacific (APAC) organisations are making progress in almost all areas focused on People Strategy. However, there is certainly room for growth when looking at well-being practices. This presentation from Top Employers Institute shows how APAC businesses are performing in this domain, and what they can do to improve.

Faced with the cliché of understanding and meeting the challenges of the “new normal”, the presentation will give practical examples of how leading organisations worldwide are becoming bolder in their experiments to drive and support a more holistic approach to well-being.

HR leaders in APAC have a unique opportunity to achieve rapid and positive change in this area. Join our session with Adrian Seligman, Chief Commercial Officer, and Ammara Naeem, Head of Client Success from Top Employers Institute at the HR Tech Festival Asia Online 2021 on Day 3 (23rd September,) at 2.10pm

28 - prem - kavitha-01

Looking Ahead To 2022: Key HR And Employment Law Updates Across Asia-Pacific You Need To Know

Premsheila Khindria
Content Management Analyst
Wolters Kluwer

Kavitha Kesavan
Content Management Analyst
Wolters Kluwer

We have reached the second half of the year and it is the perfect time for HR professionals to ensure they are well-informed for upcoming developments in HR/employment law for 2022.

While companies have continued to meet the challenges presented by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the business landscape is fluidly changing so HR leaders need to be ready to shift priorities in order to meet the evolving needs of their business.


In this session, we will be providing a glimpse across a few countries within the APAC region on the latest labour and employment laws, rules to take into consideration and policies to be implemented in 2022.

This knowledge sharing session prepares HR and employment law professionals well in advance of 2022 in developing a structured approach to employee management and the implementation of their company’s work rules in accordance with the latest changes.

We’ll cover highlights for 2022 including changes to the minimum wage rates, working hours, statutory holidays, and many other updates

End of Conference Day 3

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