Lucy adams

Lucy Adams
Disruptive HR

Lucy Adams is one of the most innovative and inspirational speakers in the HR profession. Having led HR in major organisations such as the BBC she knows why HR has to change and offers genuinely fresh perspectives on how to do it.

Maybe current HR and leadership practices have never been all that impactful and relevant, but the challenges of today have certainly rendered them unfit – and that was even before the current crisis!

In her virtual speech Lucy will look at how HR and leadership practices need to change fundamentally to keep pace with the needs of our organisations and our people. She will provide a fresh framework for rethinking leadership and HR – the EACH model (employees as adults, consumers and human beings) and she will provide practical examples of how HR and leaders are already implementing these new trends. She will also explore how HR can become more agile, more responsive and more credible and will share how HR teams are changing how they work and deliver.

Lucy has held Board-level HR roles in a number of large organisations, most recently at the BBC. Lucy is the founder of Disruptive HR which she created having grown frustrated with the lack of innovation and fresh thinking in the profession. She and her team work with business leaders and HR professionals across the world to help them lead, engage and develop their people differently.

Lucy is also the author of the bestseller “HR Disrupted” a book packed with practical ways to innovate your approach to leading people in a disrupted world and her very latest book bestseller “The HR Change Toolkit” providing the complete guide to making it happen.

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