Diversely’s vision is to increase workplace diversity globally through scalable bias-free, inclusive hiring tech. We offer our clients online bias-free hiring tools and a D&I Dashboard to help track, measure, and improve their approach to diverse talent.

We start at the beginning of the hiring funnel, are the only platform to measure across five elements of diversity and focus on accurate, geographically sensitive approaches to diversity, providing deep pipeline data, analytics and actionable insights.

Our blended approach supports teams to make diversity part of their day to day in 3 steps:

1: Clarify - we assess what’s important and the reason for wanting to achieve better diversity and inclusion

2: Measure - with our API we can measure current diversity, identify gaps in an organisation and track against goals

3: Achieve - Our unique D&I dashboard, learning tips and three scientifically backed tools attract a broader range of candidates by offering a fair and inclusive experience.

The tools that we have built increase the reach of a talent search to more under-represented groups by as much as three times, meaning the best candidate for the job is more likely to be discovered no matter where you are in the world.

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