Enboarder is the world's only People Activation Platform, designed to inspire action and truly engage your people, enabling you to transform your people programs into simple, science-based, human-centric journeys. Whether it’s onboarding, learning and development, change management, diversity and inclusion, or employee transitions, we’ve reimagined HR programs to create natural sequences that match your people’s journey. We didn’t just streamline static processes - we’ve revolutionized them.

Enboarder was designed with humans in mind, putting people and human connection at the centre of everything we do. Enboarder achieves People Activation with science and research-based features designed for action.

You can now reach and receive a response from your people on their terms within your timeline.

Features like the agile, no-code journey builder, powerful logic, manager nudges and real-time coaching, feedback surveys, automated IT provisioning, integrations, and more make every stage, change, or transition smooth, effective, and all about your people.

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